Health and Safety

Delivered by Concord in partnership with Emerald Hill Institute

It’s true that health and safety courses require an investment of your time, effort and potentially money, but if you complete these training programmes, you can be confident that your hard work will be rewarded. After all, safety is an issue that no firm can afford to ignore and so these skills are highly prized by employers. If you still need to be convinced, consider the following benefits.

Enhance your prospects
Firstly, think about the advantages that these courses could bring to you in terms of your career prospects. Whether you’re thinking of specialising in health and safety roles or you want to be a manager or supervisor, enhancing your risk management skills could play a major role in helping you land the right roles.

Health and safety courses
Once you have these qualifications, you may find that more job opportunities open up to you and your earning potential increases.

Make your workplace safer
Taking these courses can also give you the satisfaction of knowing that you’re helping to make your workplace safer.

Boost your confidence and job satisfaction
Safety training should also mean you are better equipped to complete your tasks and, because of this, it can help to boost your confidence. In addition, it may raise your levels of job satisfaction. A poll of employers conducted by the Institute of Directors revealed that 88 per cent thought qualifications helped to enhance staff motivation. The survey also suggested that employees who gained formal qualifications felt more valued and supported by and engaged with their organisations.

Given the myriad benefits associated with health and safety training, it’s not hard to see why these courses are proving popular.