Database Management

Study ORACLE DATABASE TRAINING with Concord Business College in Partnership with Emerald Hill Institute

Modern Features, open standards, high availability, high performance, scale, security and ease of maintenance/management are the reasons why the Oracle Database is the #1 choice of the Fortune 1000. Whether you manage your data in your own data center on premises, manage your data in a hybrid or pure cloud configuration, or even run a large data management cloud service, the Oracle Database was designed to deliver the performance and features your organization requires.

Whether you are a Database Architect, Developer, Administrator, or a Data Scientist, Oracle University partners with experts from product development, consulting and even our own customers to deliver a full set of curriculum to help you leverage all that the Oracle Database can do for you. Expand your database knowledge and gain an edge in a competitive IT marketplace. With 97% of Global Fortune 500 companies using Oracle software, well-trained, highly skilled database professionals who can manage critical systems are in high demand. Earning Oracle Database Certifications helps you meet this demand and set the industry standard for IT certifications.



Duration Awarding


Total Fees


Minimum Payment


Oracle Database 4 weeks CBC or EHI 1,500