Educational Philosophy

The educational philosophy of Concord Business College emphasises the development of the individual within an imaginative and broad based educational curriculum.

The desire and need to receive education goes back to the earliest records of human history, but an extremely important aspect, which is often not realized, is revealed in the meaning of the word from which the term descends; the Latin verb ‘educare’ which literally means ‘to draw out’.

Obviously, in any area of study there are facts and information that need to be absorbed, but we believe the concept should be to ‘draw out’ from the individual their potential to reach beyond the necessities of everyday existence and develop the interest to learn and achieve for their own satisfaction and fulfillment. Concord thus views education as a partnership with students based on trust and commitment. We aim to offer a high and distinctive quality of education in a relaxed atmosphere where personal attention will be paid to the progress and welfare of all our students which will totally transform their career prospects.