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Terms and Conditions of Admission

The following terms and conditions apply for courses run by Concord Business College

  1. All students are required to pay an initial deposit of Half of the total Tuition fees.
  2. At the time of admission itself to any course run by Concord Business College, a fee payment plan must be drawn up and mutually agreed. This plan will not be altered.
  3. If a student voluntarily opts out of a programme, fees already paid are not refundable and payment for the whole of that academic year will be chargeable.
  4. If the college decides on valid grounds not to run a course or terminates a particular course before its completion, due to lack of a viable number of students or any other reason, students may transfer to an alternative course at Concord Business
    College or the tuition fees already paid for the remaining duration of the course will be refunded.
  5. If a student is unable to join a course due to refusal by a government authority to grant a residence permit, all tuition fees paid will be refunded less the form and I.D. card fee and an administrative charge of GH¢ 100. In this case the student
    must submit the official refusal letter and all original documentation including the letter of enrolment and receipts issued by the college within 4 weeks from the date of refusal. The college will then send out a refund application form which must
    be clearly completed and sent back with the official refusal letter to the college, refunds will be processed within 5-6 weeks of receipt of the completed refund application.
  6. Failure to observe condition 5 above will lead to no claims being accepted and no refunds being made. Prospective students who do not apply for refunds for any other reason will not be given any refunds if concord is not informed before
    the commencement of the course.
  7. Anyone who has been refused residence permit due to falsified documents would not receive any refunds at all.
  8. If a student chooses to withdraw from a course, the following refund policy will be applied.
    · If written notice is given 4 or more weeks before the commencement of the course, all fees paid will be refund less GH¢ 100.
    · If notice of less than 4 weeks is given before the course commencement, GH¢ 150 will be retained by the college
    · After the commencement of the course no fees can be refunded and payment for the whole academic semester will be charged from the student.
    · In all cases, students who have been provided with documentation confirming their enrolment at concord are not eligible for any refund (except at the discretion of the college).
  9. Once accepted and enrolled on any course at the college, it will not be possible to defer the commencement of the course except under exceptional circumstances; however a deferment fee equivalent to the first intake will be charged.
  10. Students can defer a course for which they enrolled only twice, i.e. after the second time no more deferment will be considered. However, deferment must be made before the commencement of the programme where an administrative
    charge will be applicable.
  11. Students who are absent from the class because of illness should notify the administration as soon as possible and must provide a medical certificate if the absence is for more than three teaching days. All class assignments remain the
    responsibility of the student. There will be no excuses.
  12. A student may be dismissed from the college for any of the following reasons:
    · Disruptive behaviour in class
    · Failure to meet the academic/social standards of the college or repeated failure of the course
    · Three or more absences from classes without permission
    · In all of the above cases no fees paid will refunded
  13. In case of withdrawal or dismissal all details will automatically be referred to the relevant authorities
  14. Students dismissed from the college will not be re-admitted. Students who withdrew or were withdrawn on medical grounds may be re-admitted on receipt of a satisfactory medical report.
  15. Whilst studying at the college, the students have to keep the administration informed of any change of address.
  16. All students choosing Concord as their tuition centre must get registered with any other institution or body at their own cost. In case of ABE refusal the student could possibly be accommodated in other programmes of similar studies.
  17. Applicants for professional courses: The students must pay registration, examination and any other relevant fees by themselves.
  18. Once a programme starts the college will definitely try to get the teaching done through its existing faculty. Only in exceptional cases, there may be some changes to it.
  19. Course dates again will remain unchanged once published. These can be changed in compelling circumstances only.

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